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Our Work

Giving Back to the Community

Kids in Preschool


Assessment, Treatment and Prevention of Challenging Behavior

We focus on assessing, treating, and preventing challenging behavior such as disruption, aggression, and self-injury. Our current community research site partner is the preschool classrooms at Pacoima Charter School.


Assessment and Treatment of Sleep Problems

Our current project focuses on designing comprehensive assessment methods to identify variables influencing common sleep problems such as delayed sleep onset, night and early awakenings, insufficient sleep, bedtime problem behavior, and phase shift. Interventions are designed with caregivers' preference in mind and are personalized to the needs of the client.

Goodnight Kiss
College Students


Evidence-based Pedagogy

Our current project focuses on identifying efficacious and socially acceptable pedagogical tactics in university classrooms to enhance students' learning experiences.


Alzheimer Caregiver Training

Our current research project focuses on identify sources of Alzheimer caregiver stress and designing interventions that promote healthy interactions between the caregiver and care recipient.

Holding Hands
Sharing Student


Early Life Skills

Our current research project focuses on systematically strengthening important life skills in young children including promoting instruction following, functional communication, delay and denial tolerance, and friendship skills.

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